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Heat treatment is often used to improve the mechanical and physical properties of castings. The processes can considerably increase the strength of components, as well as providing a range of other benefits.

What is Heat Treatment?

At LEWIS, we carry out heat treatments in a highly controlled manner to ensure that the completed product complies with the required specification. The use of specialist furnaces allows temperatures to be kept within strict parameters. This ensures that the casting retains its shape and doesn’t crack.

There are a variety of heat treatment processes available. This allows us to achieve the different properties necessary for a range of applications.

Once the casting has been heat treated, it is tested for hardness. This is measured on the Brinell scale, which is a nationally recognised standard.

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Advantages of Heat Treatment

There are many benefits to heat treating metal castings and these can include:

Tick Increased strength
Tick More flexibility
Tick Easier welding
Tick Longer life
Tick Less brittleness

The Heat Treatment Process

There is a wide range of heat treatments available, but the general process is as follows

The casting is heated to a specific temperature depending on the procedure being used.
The casting may be cooled with warm water or a polymer or left to cool – depending on which process is being utilised.
After heat treatment, the castings are put through a crack detection analysis to check for any defects.
The casting is measured on the Brinell scale to check for hardness.

Frequently asked questions

How does heat treatment work?
Metal castings are made up of a microstructure of tiny crystals called ‘grains’. When metal is heated, the arrangement of these grains changes, altering the mechanical properties of the metal.

Do aluminium castings always need heat treating?
Some products cast from aluminium will require no further treatments. However, heat treatment is used for certain components to provide useful properties such as enhanced strength or flexibility.

Are there any risks with heat treatments?
If heat treatments are not carried out correctly, then your castings could be damaged. This is why it is crucial that heat treatment processes are followed correctly and temperatures are kept within strict parameters using specialised furnaces.

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Tick Automotive
Tick Construction
Tick Defence
Tick Electronics & Entertainment
Tick Lighting
Tick White Goods

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