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We can design and produce dies according to your exact specifications

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At LEWIS Gravity Die Casting, our expert personnel see your project through from initial concept to quality finished product. We can create the die or mould required to produce the parts you need.

What is Die Making?

Die making includes designing, manufacturing and testing the dies/mould required to produce the components your business needs.

Die or mould design is one of the most critical steps in the die casting process. Getting the design of the mould right ensures that the finished products matches the precise specifications required.

At LEWIS, we can design and produce dies according to your specifications. If you don’t have a design already, our highly qualified and experienced staff will help you perform a complete analysis of your products. Our experienced engineers will be able to eliminate potential problems to provide you with a die casting tool that can be used to produce high-quality products with high dimensional accuracy.

When the die has been produced, we will do a short run to check the efficacy of the die and iron out any problems. Once the die is made and tested, the manufacturing process can start.

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Advantages of Die Making

The benefits of die making includes:

Tick Increased strength
Tick More flexibility
Tick Easier welding
Tick Longer life
Tick Less brittleness

The Die Making Process

Our product design service will work with you to design the exact component you need.
We’ll analyse the design to eliminate potential problems.
We produce the die/mould and test it thoroughly.
Once the die is complete, we can begin the die casting process to deliver your product.

Frequently asked questions

Can you help me design the die I need?
Here at LEWIS, we have a complete product design service that can take you from initial idea to finished product. Our engineers can help you design the exact component you need.

Can you make a die to my design?
Yes, if you already have a design for your die, we can make and test the die for you.

Industries we cover

Tick Automotive
Tick Construction
Tick Defence
Tick Electronics & Entertainment
Tick Lighting
Tick White Goods

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