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Die casting produces components that need minimal finishing compared with other casting techniques. However, some finishing will be required to ensure your parts perform flawlessly and efficiently.

Finishing is the final, critical stage in the production of your components. Finishing can improve the look of your product, ensure it performs efficiently, and prepare the items for any other processes required, such as painting.

At LEWIS Gravity Die Casting, we employ a range of finishing techniques to ensure your product is up to the job. Castings may require various levels of finishing depending on the end application.

There are many finishing techniques that can be used on your casting to produce the required result. These include linishing, fettling, polishing and inspection.

We have a wide range of finishing options available, so please call us to find out which would be the most suitable processes for your project.

Advantages of GDC

This crucial final stage of the production process can:

Tick Remove excess material
Tick Enhance aesthetic qualities
Tick Produce the desire surface texture
Tick Create a flat surface, if required
Tick Prepare components for further treatment such as paint finishes

The Machine Finishing Process

Some of the finishing process you may need include


Fettling is the removal of excess material from the casting process, such as runners and risers.


Linishing is the process of grinding or sanding the component to create a flat surface.


Castings can be polished to improve the look of the item if they will be on display. In addition, polishing can prepare castings for further surface treatments such as painting

Shot blasting

In shot blasting, components are placed in an enclosed cabinet. Spherical metal shots are then fired at the surface of the casting. This removes small burrs and achieves a uniform finish.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer any other finishing techniques?
At LEWIS, we offer a range of finishing and machining services. Please give us a call so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

Do you inspect castings after finishing?
Yes, the final stage is a process of inspection, which can be carried out using automated equipment to keep costs down.

What surface finishes are suitable for aluminum die castings?
Aluminum die castings are suitable for a range of surface finishes, including polishing, plating, painting and anodizing.

Industries we cover

Tick Automotive
Tick Construction
Tick Defence
Tick Electronics & Entertainment
Tick Lighting
Tick White Goods

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