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At LEWIS, we specialise in gravity die casting, die making, heat treatment and finished machining for a wide range of industries.

Why choose LEWIS?

Tick Our expert personnel see your project through from initial concept to quality finished product
Tick Our excellent lead times and high production rates give you the flexibility you need
Tick Our cost-effective processes and competitive prices offer you great value
Tick All our products are made in our British foundry using the best quality materials

See how we can help your business no matter what the size of the project may be. We thrive on all types and size of jobs. Call us on 0845 459 2020.

Our foundry in action

Gravity die castings

The process is ideal for producing very precise metal parts it involves pouring molten metal into a reusable die to produce the required components.

Gravity Die Castings

Die making

We can produce the dies for your die casting, working with you from the very start of the project to ensure you get the perfect results.

Gravity Die Castings

Heat treatment

We are experts in a range of heat treatment processes which can increase the strength of aluminium castings, as well as decrease its stretch.

Gravity Die Castings

Finished machining

Machine finishing removes any unwanted material from the inside or the outside of the casting. This ensures all the features and dimensions are precise and well finished.

Gravity Die Castings

All our products are made in our British foundry using the best quality materials available

Quality and service

At LEWIS, we are committed to providing exceptional quality as well as the best possible communication and customer service.

We do this by:

  • Focusing on communication from start to finish to ensure each project runs smoothly and we achieve the best outcome for our customers
  • Taking a forward-thinking approach that allows us to serve your business more effectively
  • Using the best quality materials and expert staff to produce high-quality components to the most exacting standards

Frequently asked questions

What is die casting used for?
The process of die casting is used to create intricately shaped components for a wide range of industrial applications in the automotive, industrial, commercial and energy sectors.

Many products used in daily life are manufactured using this process, from your bathroom tap to many parts of your car.

Is aluminium die casting expensive?
Aluminium die casting is often a very cost-effective way to produce parts and components. It is considerably less expensive than machining, and the flexibility of production makes it a good value option for many businesses.

Why choose LEWIS for die casting?
When choosing a company to produce your components, you need to ensure they have the expertise to take care of your project from start to finish.

By involving us right from the start, you can save time and money and ensure you end up with quality components made to the most exacting standards

You can also be reassured that your products are made in the UK to British standards and from the best quality materials

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