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At LEWIS Gravity Die Casting, we create high-quality components to your exact specifications. Our British foundry uses expert personnel to provide you with a quality product every time. We work with companies all over the UK to ensure customers get the parts they need – fast.

What is Gravity Die Casting?

Die casting is a manufacturing process used to forge complex metal components. The casting is made by pouring molten metals into reusable moulds know as dies.

Gravity Die Casting is a repeatable casting process that is used to produce medium to high volumes of components. With Gravity Die Casting, you can make virtually any required part however complicated or straightforward.

Gravity die casting can be used to provide high volumes of parts quickly. The reusable die allows for many hundreds of castings to be produced in a day. In addition, completed pieces require less finishing than with other casting processes, reducing finishing costs.

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Advantages of GDC

The benefits of gravity die casting over other processes include:

Tick Fast production times
Tick Easily repeatable process
Tick Lower start-up costs
Tick Less finishing required
Tick Improved mechanical and physical properties

The Gravity Die Casting Process

Gravity die castings are made by pouring molten metals into reusable moulds know as dies.

The die is heated and sprayed with a coating which controls the temperature as well as enabling the smooth release of the casting.
The die is then closed, and molten metal is poured into the cavity and allowed to flow into every part of the die.
Once the metal has solidified, the die is opened, and the component removed.
Finally, the scrap is removed, and the castings are processed to remove sharp edges and excess material.

Frequently asked questions

What is die casting used for?
The process of die casting is used to create intricately shaped components for a wide range of industrial applications in the automotive, industrial, commercial and energy sectors.

Many products used in daily life are manufactured using this process, from your bathroom tap to many parts of your car.

Is aluminium die casting expensive?
Aluminium die casting is often a very cost-effective way to produce parts and components. It is considerably less expensive than machining, and the flexibility of production makes it a good value option for many businesses.

Why choose LEWIS for die casting?
When choosing a company to produce your components, you need to ensure they have the expertise to take care of your project from start to finish.

By involving us right from the start, you can save time and money and ensure you end up with quality components made to the most exacting standards

You can also be reassured that your products are made in the UK to British standards and from the best quality materials

What metals are used in gravity die casting?
Gravity die casting is used for non-ferrous alloy parts such as aluminium, zinc and copper-based alloys.

What are the advantages of gravity die casting?
Gravity die casting is a method of production that produces very high-quality casts that need minimal finishing. In addition, the process has lower start-up costs than other methods and the mould can be used repeatedly, thus saving money.

Gravity dies casting also makes it possible to produce a high volume of components in a short time.

How long can a project take?
At LEWIS, we offer short lead times to get your project completed as soon as possible. Once we know your requirements, we can advise you how long your order will take. For the actual casting, a typical rate for aluminium cylinder heads is one every 5 minutes.

Call us for a free no-obligation quote, and we can give you a clearer idea of how long your order will take.

Industries we cover

Tick Automotive
Tick Construction
Tick Defence
Tick Electronics & Entertainment
Tick Lighting
Tick White Goods

We offer short lead times and a large production capacity which means you get the components you need – fast.

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